The Oregon Trail Short Stories


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Samuel Granville came to Missouri on a two part mission. First was to get a group of emigrants from Independence to Oregon City. Second was to get his brother Nick back home to the Willamette Valley.

While glad to see Sam, Nicholas Granville doesn’t feel ready to rejoin his former life. He just wants to be alone with his grief and only agrees to help Sam in town with the pioneers. Once there, Nick’s captured by a pair of lovely green eyes making his trip west unavoidable.


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Dmitri Romanov had an important meeting with a new business partner. But when he walked into the foyer of Ian Galway’s home, he found himself enamored of the man’s daughter. A true gentleman could ignore the betrothed woman’s intelligence and beauty. Lucky for him, he wasn’t one and didn’t care about any future groom she might have. Let the best man win, he’d heard, and Dmitri intended to.

Anne Galway had an easy future set in place with Samuel Granville. They’d been childhood friends and she looked forward to marrying him. Or she did until Dmitri Romanov walked into her home and heart.
Every glance, every touch from him gave Anne
something Sam couldn’t and falling for the handsome
sea captain was unexpected.


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Daggart Bartlett, mean, villainous, terminally cranky. He had a routine of prospecting for gold, cashing in his ore, and drinking it up that night. A life spent in the saloon and sleeping it off until the next day suited him just fine. He didn’t need saving or help unless someone wanted to pan for gold for him.

Mary O’Brien, however, had plans for him. A God fearing, stubborn do gooder, she had no choice but to clean Daggart up and haul him into church. Mary vowed to turn him from whiskey-soaked to Bible reading so he wouldn’t fritter his life away. Finding the good in Mr. Bartlett proves more difficult than she thought. Is it possible that not even God can help this man?

Christian themes, but not Christian. Daggart is pretty loose with the swear words so if you are sensitive to that, please give this a pass.

Lucky’s Christmas Wish

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Lucky's Christmas Wish

Working in Oregon Territory, Lucky Martin set his sights on homesteading for good. He’d planned on saving up, buying some land, and asking the girl he loved to marry him. What he hadn’t counted on was the possibility of Jenny Allen falling in love and sharing her future with someone else. At Christmas Mass, Lucky makes a prayerful wish his heart is counting on coming true.

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