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Book Release date set!

Available on Amazon July 14th, everywhere else October 13th.  

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Undesirable, available July 14th!

Undesirable, available July 14th!

It’s been a long time since Lucky’s Christmas Wish dropped into stores and I’ve forgotten how much fun this is!  I’ve also forgotten what all I need to do to get the word out about this book.  I’m a new enough author that I can’t get, or rather haven’t dared to get, the pre order option.  So I feel odd about advertising before the product is out there for purchase.  At any rate, I’ll probably make time on this blog each day for a post.  Today is nervous excitement, tomorrow may be the value of a good editor.  Who knows?  I’ll be posting things I’ve learned each day before the book drops, so that if nothing else, when Uncivilized is ready to go, I can come back.

In the meantime, and if this sounds disjointed, it’s because my mind is still back in Oregon Territory, August 1858.  There’s a rescue to choreograph, a death to mastermind, and maybe a gratuitous sex scene to write.  


From Here to the Parting of the Ways.

I’m not sure what I love most, Google, or Google Earth. Using Google, I found this video from the University of Wyoming. Why is it relevant? In my current book, Undesirable, my group of people are camping here for the night. It’s high desert country, so the nights are cold but the days are hot.

Notice how the wind is blowing her hair around? In that part of the country, that’s not considered a windy day. Plus, very few trees meant not much wood for campfires. Or for hiding behind during a bathroom break.

Anybody else reading slough as “slew?” Maybe it’s just me. 😉

The Only Source of Water on the Trail

Where I am in writing Undesirable is shown in this photo. Lovely, and I wonder how cold is that water? Can you imagine this being your only way to bathe? And in July? It’s too early for this part of the United States to have snow melt runoff raising the water level. That happens in August.

Growing up on a farm with well water helped me appreciate turning on a faucet for clean water. Especially when the electricity would go out and the water pump didn’t work. I’ve not had to melt snow for drinking or to flush the toilet ever while living in town. Even with the well going out at times, we had ways of getting bottled water, something I’m sure the people on the Oregon Trail would appreciate. Every drop they needed had to come from surface water. Have you seen surface water? Mosquito larvae, silt, other little floaty things I don’t even want to know about all are scooped up in a bucket or pail. Plus, people back then didn’t really know about germs. Bathing and drinking were done at the same source. Doing so probably wasn’t as bad as it sounds. People around the world still think of water as magically self cleaning.

Parts of the Oregon Trail had pools of alkali water, poison if too much was ingested by anyone. Thirsty and unruly animals drank with deadly consequences and people not heeding the warnings grew sick as well. Springs of good water occurred among these, causing a trial and error of sorts for the first trailblazers. Later travelers avoided death by heeding the signs and guidebooks’ warnings.

Every time I get clean, cold water from the tap, I think a silent “Thank you!” to everyone who made it possible.


Credit due goes first. Photograph by Drew Rush for National Geographic.

It’s super tough to find a great photo of the middle of Wyoming. I may have to go on an epic journey, taking amazing photos of the interior of this state. After driving from Caspar to Independence Rock, I know there’s great scenery. All I need is just the right light.


The Very Best Man!

Ok!  The book is out on Amazon exclusively.  If there’s a demand, I’ll see about putting it on Nook, iBooks, and others in the future.

At the back of this is an excerpt from The Very Worst Man, which is 75% done and has been fun to write.  The hero is a loveable nice guy who decides to be bad to get the girl.  There’s sex, drama, murder, beer, and Wyoming, so you know it’s going to be fun.