Sally’s Sailor

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Sally Wigg began life as an orphan. Never knowing who her parents were, she grew up in Madam Wigg’s school and foundling home with her adopted sisters. Until the day she’d been secretly dreading all of her life arrived. Sally, like her sisters, thumbed through The Bride’s Bulletin yet remained skeptical the men listed were anything but the worst.

Then, she saw Henry DuBoise. The friendly picture of a handsome man with kind eyes caught her attention but his personal description kept her focused.

Henry DuBoise advertised in the Bulletin with one goal in mind. To find a wife strong enough to be by his side while he changed his life from sailing to farming. He expected his future to be a worthwhile struggle and needed a woman to help him.

When Sally responded to his advertisement, he thought his wish had been granted. Only, the beautiful and delicate woman stepping off of the train resembled a fashion plate far more than a sturdy farm wife.

Now, he doesn’t want to marry and ruin her with a rough life. She doesn’t want to go home to the Wigg School and Foundling Home in disgrace, unwanted and unloved again.