The Men

The VERY Best Man

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Jane Lawson is getting married, so of course her sister Susan will be her maid-of-honor. But when sis skips out on planning the wedding, Jane finds a surprising stand-in… the best man!

Dr. David Wells is more than willing to taste wedding cakes, sample reception menus, and even help the bride in and out of wedding dresses, if it means spending time with her. Soon enough, she’ll be his best friend Alan’s wife… and thus off limits forever.

But when the groom says ‘I don’t’, and runs off with the maid-of-honor, his best man is left to pick up the pieces of the bride’s heart. David is more than willing, and as Jane turns to him for support, their friendship blossoms into something much more.

Until Jane’s old fears get in the way, and David realizes that to keep her, he must fight not only her hostile family, but ghosts from her past.



The VERY Worst Man

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Alexandra Bromley loves her brother. She can’t believe he’s guilty of the crime he’s accused of–murdering his own wife. Her biggest problem? When she gets to know the lawyer who prosecuted him and convinced a jury to send him to prison, she begins to fall for him.
Lawyer Hayden Wells is a fine man, the kind she’d be proud to spend her life with. If he wasn’t so hard-hearted.
Hayden knows he did the right thing, prosecuting Stan Bromley. But when he witnesses the sister’s intense loyalty, he wonders if Alexandra truly believes Stan innocent, or simply excuses his actions. She’d be the perfect woman, if she wasn’t so soft-hearted.Can this couple ever get past their conflicting loyalties? Or are they doomed before their love story begins?



The VERY Rich Man

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Chloe Anders is ready to assist one of the most powerful men in Denver… but only in the office. Anything else is strictly off-limits, because her new boss makes sure she knows his rule–work and play do not mix. Too bad he makes her heart beat in a way no man ever has before.

Darian Lawrence appreciates his new assistant in more ways than one. She’s not only good at her job, she’s lovely. But settling down with one woman isn’t in his plans. He may want Chloe more than any other woman he knows, but he can maintain his distance.

That is, until Chloe accompanies him on a business trip, and they wind up sharing a hotel room made for romance. The barriers come tumbling down, along with both their self-control.

But when the couple return to the office, which relationship will survive… business or romance?



The VERY Poor Man

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Maxine Johnson has always loved Michael. But instead of being his girl, she watched him marry someone else. For years, Maxine hovered on the outskirts of his life and hated herself for still loving him.

Michael Sinclair has always loved Maxine, but she’s the daughter of wealthy ranchers. His own parents are drunks who never kept a job. So he moved on, married another woman, and fathered two children.

Even after he divorced, Michael didn’t trust that a woman like Maxine would ever stick with him. But has his latest move finally pushed her away for good? And when he realizes, she’s the only one he wants, can he ever get her back?


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