The Oregon Trails Series for Great Britain

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Beth Ann Roberts made her father a deathbed promise to be a wife to her deceased sister’s husband, Daggart Bartlett. When Daggart sells the farm to join the Gold Rush, Beth must go with him, never expecting how much her life will change.

Nicholas Granville is forced by his brother to help a group as they travel the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon. Mourning his late wife, Nick’s heart began healing the moment he saw Beth.

Now, the couple must find a way to fight a love that is undeniable.


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Marie Warren worked to make the best of a journey west with her husband and his sister. Going from living on a plantation to walking along their wagon, she enjoyed making friends and planning her life in the Oregon Territory. Her life begins to change when the wrong man steps into her room at the right time.

Samuel Granville is guiding a group to Oregon Territory in an effort to forget a broken heart. When he’s asked by Marie’s husband to retrieve her, Sam sees Marie in a saloon dress and can’t shake his desire for her. Leading them west, Sam learns Charles Warren’s shameful secret and why the man finds his wife so undesirable.


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e586a194-e0d6-4b37-8e74-c31c769a23bb Adelard Du Boise disregarded most people’s snap judgments of him. He knew that as a French-Indian, he’d fit in nowhere and everywhere at the same time. When Ellen Winslow captured his mind and heart, Del knew he’d do whatever it took to win her love.

Ellen’s father, step-mother, and two little brothers kept her mind and body busy while headed west. So much so that she didn’t have time or attention to give to a love-sick pest of a savage, no matter how handsome or well mannered he seemed. To her, Del would always be uncivilized.

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