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#MondayBlogs-A Writer’s Life for Me

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is the lack of balance in indie authors’ lives. When you’re the one responsible for all creative content, giving direction to the marketing department*, and the chief financial officer, it’s easy to ignore everything else until later.

And that would be…? After the book is written? No. Edited? No. Published? No. Marketed? No….

Here’s the thing. If you’re like me, your work is written in ink, your personal life is in pencil. There’s nothing wrong with it until the personal has been completely erased. Your family wonders if you’ll ever be there for them. Your clothes don’t fit unless they stretch. You’ve not eaten anything resembling real food in who knows how long. Sleep? Sure, in between telemarketers’ calls.

So we all know putting everything but the writing aside is tough. I know for me, I think “Just one more page, one more marketing blog post to read, one more finding a new cover, one more post about the writing, and I’ll be done.

I never am done. Like the laundry, dishes, mowing, and dog walking is never done, so it is with the writing.

What’s the solution? Those who are born organized already know this answer, but for us others, the answer is simple. Ink in your personal tasks as if they were professional. Family deserves ink. Your health deserves a black Sharpie. Carve in stone your sleep times. Eat the veggies and fruits as a snack. Your health and personal life help feed and nurture your professional life. Take good care of one so the other can flourish.

*even if it’s a department of one person

Procrastination and #MondayBlogs

I try to use procrastination to my advantage.  Like, I can eat an entire chocolate cake tomorrow.  I can also skip my workout, goof off, lay in bed all day…tomorrow.

The problem with such little mind games is, as my daughter said to me when I use them on her, they’ve not worked since any of us turned seven years old.

Do I have any suggestions?  I wish!  It’s a constant battle for me, as I suspect it is for a lot of other people.  I even have a to do list titled “Things I Don’t Want to Do.”  There’s a lot of ideas and solutions out there, but the only one that’s truly worked for me is the 15 minutes from Flylady.net.  She says you/I can stand anything for 15 minutes.  After applying that to tasks I thought would take all day, or at least the afternoon, I found a lot of my tasks didn’t even take that long to complete.  The dreading lasted far longer than the doing.  Amazing how that works.

Back to the novel….