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There should be a #WackyWednesday!

First of all, I have to admit I’ve been living in a ‘Quil haze this past week.  My usual solid steel immune system has let me down. While my blog has been neglected, nothing else has been. The Very Worst Man is up for preorder with a release date of February 28th. Unfortunate, Daggart’s fate, is at the editor’s, as is Undeniable, getting its makeover in round two of edits. The Very Best Man is getting another polish, too. When writing advice says “Sleep on it,” believe them. You’ll find mistakes from way out in left field.  Also, weigh a good editor, on a scale, and give them that much in gold because they’re worth it. Mine is, and if I earned it, she’d be paid double.

You did catch that The Very Worst Man is up for preorder, right? In case you’re not convinced you NEED this book, here’s a little teaser. Available now at Amazon, everywhere else by the 28th, maybe before then.

TVWM Teaser 2

Notice how I’ve not mentioned Uncivilized? Shhhhhh. I’m finishing it in a marathon session as soon as I can quit snorting Benadryl. Kidding about the snorting, but wish I wasn’t. Mass quantities of meds at this point can only help. I’ll look back on this post and think TMI. Or not. I tend to look forward.

Something in the fun and procrastination department is I’ve started a personal Learning from the Masters series where I take a billion selling book and give it my own what if. Like, what if Christian Grey was a dollaraire instead of a billionaire?

Thus, I present, 50 Shades of Gremlin

He rolled up in the Gremlin and my breath caught. Was it his cold steel eyes or the exhaust fumes choking me? I couldn’t tell. All I knew was my heart raced, seeing him get out of his car. Most of the paint still clung to life on the vehicle, discolored to a light grey from what I assumed had been navy blue.

“Miss Steele,” he said, holding open the door. “You’ll have to slide in from the driver’s side, my passenger’s side is broken.
The sexy growl in his voice convinced me as much as his muscles as they flexed under the tattered flannel shirt he wore when he continued, “I’m good at driving backwards through the drive through, since your window rolls down better than mine.”

Procrastination and #MondayBlogs

I try to use procrastination to my advantage.  Like, I can eat an entire chocolate cake tomorrow.  I can also skip my workout, goof off, lay in bed all day…tomorrow.

The problem with such little mind games is, as my daughter said to me when I use them on her, they’ve not worked since any of us turned seven years old.

Do I have any suggestions?  I wish!  It’s a constant battle for me, as I suspect it is for a lot of other people.  I even have a to do list titled “Things I Don’t Want to Do.”  There’s a lot of ideas and solutions out there, but the only one that’s truly worked for me is the 15 minutes from Flylady.net.  She says you/I can stand anything for 15 minutes.  After applying that to tasks I thought would take all day, or at least the afternoon, I found a lot of my tasks didn’t even take that long to complete.  The dreading lasted far longer than the doing.  Amazing how that works.

Back to the novel….