The Men for Canada

The Very Best Man

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Jane Lawson planned her dream wedding to the last detail. When her maid of honor sister doesn’t help with anything, David Wells, the best man, steps up to the job. He sacrifices his time for cake and wine tasting, dress shopping, and other duties as assigned.

David is in trouble. Spending time with his best friend’s fiance turned his attraction into love. After the groom dumps Jane at the altar, David takes the perfect chance to prove he really is the very best man.


The Very Worst Man

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For Alexandra Bromley, Hayden Wells’ good looks and honest character appealed to her as much as his prosecution of her beloved brother repelled her. When her brother suggested discrediting the do-gooder attorney for his release, she couldn’t.

Hayden fell hard and would do anything for her but what she wanted most in the world. He loved her, but no murderer would walk during his watch as assistant prosecuting attorney. If she planned on seducing Hayden for him to drop the charges, Alexandra had picked the very worst man.

The Very Rich Man

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Chloe Anders started a new job ready to assist one of the most powerful men in Denver. A small town girl, she made the transition to big city employee seem easy.

For Darian Lawrence, work and play don’t mix. He ignored his attraction for Chloe, discounting it as a normal response to a beautiful woman.

But on a business trip with only the two of them? Their own rules are broken in a big way, changing their lives forever.

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