Procrastination and #MondayBlogs

I try to use procrastination to my advantage.  Like, I can eat an entire chocolate cake tomorrow.  I can also skip my workout, goof off, lay in bed all day…tomorrow.

The problem with such little mind games is, as my daughter said to me when I use them on her, they’ve not worked since any of us turned seven years old.

Do I have any suggestions?  I wish!  It’s a constant battle for me, as I suspect it is for a lot of other people.  I even have a to do list titled “Things I Don’t Want to Do.”  There’s a lot of ideas and solutions out there, but the only one that’s truly worked for me is the 15 minutes from  She says you/I can stand anything for 15 minutes.  After applying that to tasks I thought would take all day, or at least the afternoon, I found a lot of my tasks didn’t even take that long to complete.  The dreading lasted far longer than the doing.  Amazing how that works.

Back to the novel….

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