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My characters lead far more exciting lives than I do.

Seriously. We’ve been quasi-locked down since March. What does that mean? Lots of time watching the news, calculating numbers, and eating little pretzels with French onion dip. Should I mention the wine? So. Much. Wine. I don’t drink a lot but do drink the cheap stuff that only affects my waistline.

I’ve learned at least two things since the pandemic started. One is my husband is a great guy to be on a deserted island with. Or, more like in a suburban house while we both work from home. Two is I’m not a stress writer. I had grand plans for 2020, as did we all. I had no idea my imagination needed calm. I admire my other writing friends who can churn out book after book when they’re worried. Sadly, that’s not me.

Even though my writing has slowed, I’ve started a new American West Pony Express romance called Rider’s Ice. It’s lovely so far. Plus, I’ve sent Rider’s Desire to a new editor. She suggested some changes, and voila! I added a lot to the existing story. If you’re in KU, I think you’ll enjoy reading through the obvious additions.

I’ve had a lot of fun bundling the Orphan Train subseries of the American West into their own box set. The Oregon Trail also has its own box set with the three long novels and four short stories. I love it because you start in Independence, Missouri and end up in Oregon City, Oregon in one exceedingly long volume. I haven’t tried putting the set into print because of the thousand pages it’d be.

Find them all here at My Amazon Page.

Thanks for getting this far, and I promise to stop being such a stranger to the blogging universe.

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