“I heard you died….” #MondayBlogs

Insert writing craft post here. Please. Anyone.

On the off chance someone’s missed my unique humor and obvious charm, I’ve been busy these past few months. Months? Great. Months.Pretty covers included because come on, photos!

VRM_For_SWDecember was fun. I spent the time writing and working on our American Legion Auxiliary’s Veteran Christmas family. Every year, my auxiliary unit picks a family or two who needs a little extra help around the holidays. Thanks to us, we get to give a family presents for their kids, help with a bill or two, and a Christmas dinner. If anyone is wanting to help veterans directly, contact your local auxiliary. The money stays local and must go to veterans. Volunteers are needed, too, and you don’t have to have prior military service.

January? More writing, this time to solid deadlines. I have a novel publishing on 2/29/16, 3/17/16, and am in a box set with several other huge authors on 4/26/16. They’re seriously big and let me slip in under the fence. 12615235_10102314006025595_6852849112627749437_oYeah, I’m seriously lucky. So I’d planned on hanging out, writing, waiting until February to hit the gym. You know, after all those New Year’s people passed out for good. Or for next year.

e586a194-e0d6-4b37-8e74-c31c769a23bbFebruary. The month of edits. Harsh, serious edits. I work hard 99% of the time to give my editor nothing to do and fail miserably. The box set story I slacked on because I had less than a month to write and proof it. I let my editor work and she did. Can’t believe she still thinks I’m an upright walking human after her work, but she does. Yay! Add Girls State interviews and paperwork to this month, plus George Washington birthday celebrations, and I’ve had reasons to wear something other than pajamas. Did you forget about my gym goals? Ha! So did I. Oops!


That’s the behind the scenes around here. No weight lost, but kids got presents, girls are going to the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, and I’m hitting deadlines! Not watching them pass me by like usual.

Who else has been a public slacker but private workhorse? Tell me in the comments!


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