#MondayBlogs-Or, Does This Count Toward My #NaNoWriMo Words?

No? Then forget this! I’m outta here!

Kidding! Ok, if you’re like me and let the World Series, National Authors Day, Halloween, and the Earth turning distract you from research, then you’re scrambling right now. Like me. I have no sparkling wine, I ate all the Whopper candies (there weren’t a lot left), and we’re out of paper plates and coffee. I’m two days behind and need to go grocery shopping.

Sounds normal, right? Usually, it is, but not for NaNo. I’m usually a lot more proactive when it comes to November. What happened this year? The same thing that happens when you’re in a romantic relationship and Valentine’s Day rolls around. Or, you live with and care for your mom when it’s time for Mother’s Day. I write all. The. Time. NaNo is a normal month. The little kid part of me is thrilled about that, too. 😀

But really, I write nearly every day. The days I don’t? I’m researching new books, reading current releases, or learning how to improve my writing. Even when I’m goofing off? I’m doing something that helps my later work.

What makes NaNo special is the accountability. It makes my daily word count public instead of private. A shame, really, because I had some 5K days a week ago.

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? What did you forget? What did you remember? Bonus points if you work from home AND showered today!

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