It’s out!

My new book, Undesirable, has finally hit Amazon!  It’s out for Kindle and will soon be available in paperback.  All my good words went into the novel, I’m finding, and writing anything else right now is tough!

Anyway!  Back to the fun!  You can click on over, read the description for yourself and download a sample.  Here on the blog is where I can tell you this is the least explicit of my novels so far and I did NOT plan it that way.  There’s a cutting room floor of sorts, aka, Undesirable’s Leftovers.doc.  I’d planned on the book being a lot steamier.  All the love scenes my characters weren’t feeling went in there.  Yes, I’m ordered around by the characters and the story.  Yes, I did try just putting in the sex no matter what.  I just couldn’t do it and stay true to the book.  Sexual tension in it is off the charts, though.  I re-read the first kiss scene and got goosebumps!  I know, it’s kind of like laughing at your own jokes, but still.  If I can imagine, write, review and still go ‘oo!’?  It’s good.  Bottom line is I write the romances and other stories I want to read but can’t find.  Undesirable is one of them.  Click the image to visit it at Amazon.

Undesirable, available July 14th!

Undesirable, available July 14th!


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