This is not the MondayBlog you are looking for.

Yes, I had plans for this post.  Maybe.  Sort of.

Ok, I’ll ‘fess up.  I’ve been so focused on Undesirable, wanting to finish the last chapter and a half already.  Some authors experience grief when typing ‘The End’ to their books.  Not me.  When this is done, I’m moving on to Uncivilized, which has its bare bones typed in already.  Even after that, there’s the Santa Fe Trail, Orphan Trains, and either the Pony Express or the Mormon Trail.

Then too, I may take it in a totally different direction and go all science fiction on everyone.  I know, logically, that I’ll be more likely to see superstar success if I stick to and build up one genre of my work.  Emotionally and as a reader, I never read just one genre.  How can I write only one?

So my question is, if anyone chooses to answer, are you a laser focused reader or writer?  Or are you more of a shotgun, reading or writing everything and anything?  Answer in the comments and don’t be shy!

3 thoughts on “This is not the MondayBlog you are looking for.

  1. ashineynewstar

    I have very eclectic reading tastes and think it would be wonderful for you to have as many different genres as you are comfortable writing. As long as you are passionate about your writing just think of all the audiences you would be able to reach. There are no boundaries to your imagination except for what you place there.

  2. lauralstapleton Post author

    Thank you for commenting, ashineynewstar! What’s crazy is while I’ve been writing historical romance, I’m so much more comfortable in the science world. Some writers have learned they write decent stuff in one genre, but exceptional work in another. It’ll be fun to see if anything stands out in my genre experiments.

  3. Mandy

    I will read almost anything if the writing is good. I would say my genre of choice is historical fiction but I like sci-fi historical fiction too. I prefer historical to contemporary only because I personally can get lost in a good historical novel. It seems like good authors are the ones that let the stories take them where they want to go and don’t limit themselves to what they think they should do or write so go with your gut and write what you feel 🙂


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