Two thirds of Undesirable done and a #MondayBlogs post!

Cue the balloons!  Woo!

Yes, I’m exceedingly happy to call chapter 8 finished.  How finished is it?  So much that there’s not the tiniest bit of highlighted “put stuff here” notes to myself.

Remembering to do the Monday Blogs post on an actual Monday?  Bonus!

So anyway, let’s see what I can write that will add some sort of value to your day.  In the writing/reviewing world, there’s not a lot new to add that I haven’t already covered in prior writerly musings.  Passives still run rampant and stories being told to me instead of showing me.  There is something new in writing and I’ll have to link of to another’s website.  She deserves a thousand percent of the credit for her work.  Last month, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a writing craft class that was truly a class.  Taught by Robin Perini, her site is here and is worth all the time it takes to read and learn.  Her before and after examples really rocked.  I really can not say enough good things.

Next up is how lovely my covers are.  A few months ago, I’d consulted with a graphic artist who has experience designing book covers. Which means I handed over my business card with a cover on the back and cringed in fear, waiting for her to laugh at my feeble attempt at being professional.  She surprised me by saying all I needed was my name larger and to make certain I have the copyright to the image.  I’d not thought of copyright because I painted the image myself, so I was all, “Whaaa!?”  When at home and over the shock of the hint of not having rights to my art, I made the name bigger.  Covers like these are what happens when a person has had four years of art classes and is too picky for Shutterstock.

Should I do a cover reveal for Undesirable and Uncivilized?  They’re both painted, ready for publication, and even on my business cards so here goes.  Why are they not even along the top? I have no idea.




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