What the?!

I missed yet another Monday Blogging?  For crap’s sake!  This does not speak well of my consistency.  Maybe the only thing consistent about me is my inconsistency.

So what have I been doing?  A lot of NOT writing.  American Legion Auxiliary, changing over to AT&T U-verse, teaching knitting, spring cleaning, spring training (way out of shape!), getting my tiny child ready to graduate high school, and all those tasks that needed doing before the list above could be done.

Sounds like a lot of excuses dressed up like reasons.

I’m not a big fan of excuses.  Now that a few big events are done, I can focus on getting to the halfway mark of Undesirable.  One of the huge positives to come out of not writing is how there’s been a book trailer created.  It is amazing!  My daughter and I have been fine tuning it, and now we need to buy the stock footage.  We reviewed a lot of other book trailers and this one is terrific.  Vicky has made more small movies since then and the kid is really super good.  I’ll have to get her to post a few on here later.

Yes, I’m all over the place in this post.  Mainly because my mind is still on Undesirable.  I’m a few paragraphs away from being done with the current chapter and I’m all like, “Write this post faster so you can get back to it already!!”  Time to obey my inner slave driver.

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