Feels Like Monday


Something fun for Monday Tuesday.  My husband has been taking Monday’s off to use up the vacation he’ll lose otherwise.  So I’m having three day weekends from now until the end of the year, which sounds fun, and mostly is.  I’m easily distracted by him, and it’s not his fault.

In writerly news, I’m having my two released books edited by someone who isn’t me.  I have a lot of readers who are reading for fun and catching the character, plot, and continuity errors.  What I’ve needed is someone to find the things that slip through, like missing words you assume are there, things corrected that have messed up other words, and the ever popular missing quotes.  As in, He said, “I don’t think you should break up these sentences.” They work better together.”

Plus, since I have a bit of a migraine, I’m totally NOT working today.  With one of these, everything wrong looks right and I’ll have to spend most of tomorrow fixing what I broke today.  Thus, it’s all no-brainer stuff on my agenda.  I can spend all day tomorrow writing, reading, and doing other brain stuff.


2 thoughts on “Feels Like Monday

  1. Nancy Fifield

    Oh my gosh Laura, I absolutely LOVE your flow chart!!! Of course, I found myself following it and laughing myself silly. Thank you, I have enjoyed your sense of humor as a friend on Facebook and now as an author. I can’t wait to continue reading more of your blogs as well as your books. I’m so happy that we get to be entertained because you are following your dreams 🙂

  2. lauralstapleton Post author

    Thank you, Nancy! You’re making me blush. 😀 I tend to get hung up on the “I need a nap” and
    “I’ll just browse the net” areas. But then, that Mongolian Death worm sounds like a good idea for a sci-fi romance I need to write. I love it that you’re enjoying my work!! ❤


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