The cover for “The Very Best Man”

The Very Best ManThis whole having to look at men and their washboard abs for a book cover has been tough!  Hours and hours spent and I didn’t even pick a shirtless guy.  I may have to go back and review why I didn’t pick any of the somewhat nude men for this.

Kidding aside, this cover perfectly shows the sweet and spicy contemporary romance I have planned for release this week.  Let me know what you think about this being a good back of the book blurb:

“Jane Lawson planned everything to the last detail.  When her sister, the maid of honor, flakes out on every task, the best man, David Wells steps up to the job.  He sacrifices his time for cake and wine tasting, dress shopping, and other duties as assigned.

David is in trouble.  Spending time with his childhood friend’s fiance has turned an attraction into love.  He wanted to bow out of the ceremony, but to walk away meant less time spent with Jane.  With no light at the end of this wedding’s tunnel, he’s not willing to give up a single second with her.”

Like it?  Don’t like it?  Nothing is etched in stone so go ahead and tell me!

2 thoughts on “The cover for “The Very Best Man”

  1. Nancy

    Sounds a little like the movie “Made of Honor”, starring Patrick Dempsey. Still, I loved your first book “Undeniable”, so I’m anxious to get my hands on “The Very Best Man”. What an amazing gift you have!!

  2. lauralstapleton Post author

    Hi Nancy and thank you! Of course, now I’ll have to watch “Made of Honor” just to see it. I’d specifically veered away from Debra Messing’s “The Wedding Date” even though I LOVE that movie.


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