Center Stage on the Mic

Welcome to my professional blog.  Here will be the latest and greatest in what’s going on in my corner of the literary world.  WordPress is so different from Blogger, so expect there will be changes, enhancements, upgrades, and other fun things happening.

What do I have planned?  A lot, really.  Undeniable, the first book in my Oregon Trail series is already available for Kindle and paperback.  Amazon is the quick and easiest way to get it, while Createspace is a great avenue, too.  I’m still thinking about handing it over for Nook readers, since I don’t like them being left out of anything.  Actually, I don’t like leaving anyone out of anything.  I’m very inclusionary that way.

But, back to the plans.  The Oregon Trail series is a set of three books that are part of my bigger series of the American West.  I have plans to write novels about the Santa Fe trail, orphan trains, and the Pony Express, too.

I’m not sure if I have ADD or just a vast variety of interests.  I do know for sure I’d love to publish a few contemporary romances that are short and sweet.  While I like the right here, right now of them, I also have at least three science fiction novels planned, probably romantic if the story dictates.  There’s a lot on the appearances can be deceiving aspect I’d like to explore in them.

But wait!  There’s more!  I have novels planned with settings in eight other countries just for the armchair traveler.  The goal is to have eight books where when the reader looks up, they’re amazed to find themselves still in their home country.

Most advice to writers has been stick to one genre, build your brand, and readers will love you.  I’d like to think people can be more versatile than that.  Comment below on your own thoughts of reading more than one genre in fiction.  Love it, hate it, or don’t care?  Tell me, because I’m totally curious.

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