The Pioneer Romances

Covers and final titles coming soon! I’m still writing these stories, so things might change. For now, here are the final four of my American West historical romance series.

Orphan Train tentative title

A charming and romantic story of Jack Dryden’s attempts to adopt three children. What happens when the lady adoption agent finds  a newly single man for her charges instead of the couple she expected?

Pony Express tenative title

A Pony Express delivery rider finds a letter that never reached its destination. Curious, he opens and reads the message, changing his life forever.

Santa Fe Trail tenative title

A pregnant young woman loses her husband while on their way to Santa Fe to start a new store. Can she move forward and fulfill their dream over the objections of the team leader?

Northwest Shipping tentative title

Abducting or luring young men into an indentured servitude on board ships docked along the northwestern US coast was a dastardly act. When Douglas Granville is knocked out and finds himself on a ship docked in another country, all he wants is an escape back home.