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Book Release date set!

Available on Amazon July 14th, everywhere else October 13th.  

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Undesirable, available July 14th!

Undesirable, available July 14th!

It’s been a long time since Lucky’s Christmas Wish dropped into stores and I’ve forgotten how much fun this is!  I’ve also forgotten what all I need to do to get the word out about this book.  I’m a new enough author that I can’t get, or rather haven’t dared to get, the pre order option.  So I feel odd about advertising before the product is out there for purchase.  At any rate, I’ll probably make time on this blog each day for a post.  Today is nervous excitement, tomorrow may be the value of a good editor.  Who knows?  I’ll be posting things I’ve learned each day before the book drops, so that if nothing else, when Uncivilized is ready to go, I can come back.

In the meantime, and if this sounds disjointed, it’s because my mind is still back in Oregon Territory, August 1858.  There’s a rescue to choreograph, a death to mastermind, and maybe a gratuitous sex scene to write.  


#MondayBlogs Blog Tour!

Good morning! Or rather, it was morning when I started this. Google Docs is not kind to the copy/paste functions on my Mac. Add in ants (wish I was kidding), the heat is 85F already, and even my horoscope is saying “No horoscope today, check back tomorrow.”

But that’s all in my own little world. If you like your romance seriously erotic, you’ll want to read about Ava Branson’s three stories. I’ve read all three of her books and they’re marvelous. I also have inside knowledge about her next project. My opinion? She can’t write fast enough for me. Once you read The Project, you’ll feel the same way.

While I’m waiting for the next “What fresh Hell is this?” moment, read for yourself about Ava’s fabulousness.

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Publication Date:April 24, 2014



Mariantha Anastos has a problem. And a solution. But in order for the solution to be applied, she has to enlist the help of the one man that she’s longed for, fantasized about and lusted after. The one man that rejected her.

Liam Gallagher has a full life as a popular professor at his university, albeit a very orderly one. Until an unexpected visit from a former student presents him with a problem he’d never imagined. One that wreaks havoc on his mind and body. How long can he control the torment within him and will he break his own rules for her?



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“Monty…you goddamn well better mean what I see in your eyes,” he ground out.

Her gaze dropped to his mouth, her lips parting and she lifted her face closer to his. It was all the confirmation he needed.

Crushing his mouth to hers, he demanded immediate entrance with his tongue, caressing, seeking, and letting his unbridled passion out in this one scorching kiss. The air left her lungs as he crushed her to his chest, his hands kneading her shoulders, moving to her back, sliding down to her waist, pulling her more tightly to him, like he was trying to meld their bodies and make them one.


Ava Branson is a native Floridian, with an overactive imagination and a never ending supply of sarcastic, er, witty retorts…according to her family. She loves reading, romance, the ocean and anything that can be considered a carbohydrate.

She also finally decided what she wanted to be when she grew up and that was to share the stories that have kept her mind company for so long. So buckle up and join her on a journey that will light your soul on fire and allow you to escape – even for a short time – the everyday world.

She has a journal full of characters to introduce you to and she’s typing as fast as she can while rotating her 2.5 cats on her lap.

Stop by and say hello!





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Lucky’s Christmas Wish releases today!

A sweet winter romance.

A sweet winter romance.

And oh my gosh, I LOVE the cover!  My daughter and husband helped me pick out the photo and it’s perfect.  Click on it to go directly to the Amazon store.  By all means, try the “look inside” sample.  As with any of my books, I encourage everyone to read the sample and if you don’t like that bit, don’t bother reading further.  Life is too short and expensive to buy a book you end up disliking.  So check out the sample!

Whew!  Now that this story is out of my system, it’s back to work on Undesirable and trying to get Sam and Marie to the middle of Idaho.


The Very Best Man!

Ok!  The book is out on Amazon exclusively.  If there’s a demand, I’ll see about putting it on Nook, iBooks, and others in the future.

At the back of this is an excerpt from The Very Worst Man, which is 75% done and has been fun to write.  The hero is a loveable nice guy who decides to be bad to get the girl.  There’s sex, drama, murder, beer, and Wyoming, so you know it’s going to be fun.